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About Devour

Welcome To Our Catering Service!

We are a group of talented & skilled people which is successfully active in the catering industry for years. Clients enjoy our culinary solutions to suit their customers’ demands. Large or small, corporate or personal, from barbeques to special event buffet or perfectly plated and served meals, our team is an expert in every situation. Together as a team, we try our best to give life to the client’s dream events. We are committed to reach your expectations, as the word “No” is not a valid answer to any demands. Our team works together to make our clients happy, fulfilling their wishes for their events. We work closely with our clients to create significant events that both the hosts and guests can genuinely enjoy and engage in. We concentrate on every single detail and give our effort to set up a fantastic event for you.

To make your event successful, we ensure the best quality food, service, style, and settings. We allow you to speak to us about your expectations and give us the whole responsibility to handle the catering side so that you can focus on the other aspects of your event. From the culinary team to the on-spot service team, everyone is the whole team is skilled and professional enough to deal with anything related to the catering service.

Devour Catering & Event Design Owner Ron D at a recent event

Meet our


Ron is the owner of this amazing catering company that he started three years ago with the experience of working with various catering teams as manager. Due to his tremendous managerial capabilities and foresight, he decided to start his own catering business by choice. Three years ago, he started the business in a range with a few employees, chefs, and designers but now, because of his extraordinary business strategies, the business and popularity are rapidly growing day by day. Ron believes in loyalty, time management, dedicated employees, and customer satisfaction are everything to be successful in any sector in business.

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Meet the amazing people who make Devour possible




Abel is an experienced and passionate chef with work experience in various restaurants and companies serving the best food possible. He has the knowledge of flavors and food relationships & skills to craft attractive menus with mouthwatering dishes.




Our server staff is experienced working in numerous event venues, adapting and dealing with various guests. Our server staffs are knowledgeable and are able to communicate with the guests at the venue. They are customer-focused on a certain amount of social skills. They read the atmosphere of the event and approach the guests accordingly. From server staffs to our bartenders, everyone has years of experience in serving.



Our company successfully works with multiple food vendors and event management teams to provide them with our private catering service at any unique event outside restaurants and hotels event they manage.

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We have a reputation for giving the best service in past years. Whatever our clients’ expectations are, we are providing them without any lacking! We are equally known for maintaining both large and small events successfully throughout the past years. From our food to our employees, we can handle any type of event!

Quality Food

The most important service that a catering company provides is quality food. Every dish from us is super healthy and delicious. Our company provides you the best quality food and allows you to choose your menu from our customized menu or have your customized menu discussing with our caterer. We also have the option “tasting” open for you to taste the sample foods before your event.


We are very flexible with new ideas, and we will carefully listen to your expectations and concerns. Our catering service team will come up with the ultimate solution. If any of your guests have allergy issues to any food or any special dietary restrictions related to food, we will take all necessary precautions. Our recipe adjustments could reduce the risk of health problems like heart disease and site effects. We promote a healthy and delicious food catering recipe to take good care of your health. We cater to your needs and always understand your concerns.

Service & Hospitality

Our team knows very well that good service can make an event successful. Our top-notch staff knows how to help your guests professionally in the best way. They’re quick to respond to any demand and request from your guests at the event.

Attractive Styles

Alongside the food and service, styles matter too. The proper presentation can give the guests a hundred times better experience. We have a few service styles that you can choose from for your event. We also have expert team members to help you choose the perfect catering style for the event.

Reasonable Price

Planning an event within a budget isn’t easy. Devour Catering & Event Design will easily match your budget without overcharging you. We provide you the best catering service and quality food at a reasonable price for your event.

If you’re looking for a professional catering company to take care of your next event, we are the perfect match for you. We are known for our reputation, best quality food, flexibility to new ideas, service, reasonable prices, style, and hospitality!

Experience special event catering and let us take on the pressure of hosting an event. With years of experience catering events, culinary expertise, and event coordination skills, our catering team of chefs and event planners are always prepared to deliver awe-inspiring dishes to ensure your guests’ satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our ability to impress; let’s work together to create a tasty menu for your next special event.

Award Winning 5 Star Service

Devour Catering & Event Design 2020 Award

Devour Catering & Event Design, for only being officially in business for 2 Years, is again, the proud recipient of The Knot Magazine’s Best of the Best recognition as voted on by brides and grooms who have experienced our service first-hand.

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