Transforming your space

Some of you may think that your space cannot handle an event like this. Let our team be the judge of that. Our team would love to meet with you at your home for a  free consultation so we can create a plan to turn your home into a full-service facility.

We will cook your food fresh in your kitchen. If we decided that your kitchen is not an efficient space for our team to pull of the event, we would find another area on your property to set up our equipment to efficiently and adequately execute our service. Sometimes it may be a garage or a side room, and other times it could be next to the home or in the driveway in a cook tent. We will help you create a floor plan for your event and assist with your timeline. We can provide china, flatware, glasses, tables of all shapes and sizes, table cloths, dance floors, stages,  and lighting. After your event, we guarantee that space will be cleaner than we found it.


Our Menu

We realize that you do not always have time to plan an event. As the client, you have the choice to let our team create a menu that will cover all bases, or we can meet in person and iron out all the details. Traditionally our first step is to get to know you. Let’s meet for an ice breaker consultation. Owner Ron DiBenedetto will meet with you at your home or our home base at 580 Oley Rd. Oley, PA.
Ron DiBenedetto and Executive Chef Joel Aldana will create a food profile based on our conversations. Together, we will work over every detail to ensure a diverse and well-rounded menu from start to finish. Family history is important to us, so if you have any family recipes you would like to be apart of your event, let us know, and we would be more than willing to duplicate one for you.

Service Styles

There are many different ways to serve you and your guests.  Couple as many styles you would like.

Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties can be a relaxed, fun, and socializing option. Choose a wide assortment of hot and room temperature appetizers. Our servers will pass your appetizer selection to each of your guests for the duration of your event.

Sit Down Meal

We will professionally serve each meal to your guests. Starting with salad and ending with your dessert.  Unlimited courses are available. Great paired with a cocktail hour and open bar.

Traditional Buffet

An elegant table display consisting of your choice of entrée, starch vegetable, salad, rolls, and butter.  Have as many of all selections as you would like.

Family Style

An elegant table display consisting of your choice of entrée, starch vegetable, salad, rolls, and butter.  Have as many of all selections as you would like.

Interactive Stations

Popular Made-To-Order Station examples:
Pasta Stations
Grill Stations
Carving stations
Assorted French Fry Stations
Stir Fry Station

Visit our MENU page to download our 2022 menu in pdf OR try out our MENU FLIPBOOK (very cool).



Hot Coco Pork Loin - Sit Down Meal

Coco crusted pork loin with smoked rosemary marshmallow fluff

Flank Steak - Sit Down Meal, Buffet or Carving Station

Tender marinated juice cut of meat

Surf & Turf - Sit Down Meal

Petite Filet & Lemon dill Lobster and Crab Lump

10 Layer Eggplant Parm Lasagna

Thinly sliced and breaded Eggplant layered with house sauce and assorted cheeses

Lemon Chicken - Sit Down Meal or Buffet

Herb and garlic roasted chicken breast with a lemon sauce

Chili Lime Salmon Topped with Mango Salsa

Seared chili lime salmon

Seasional Stuffed Chicken

Juicy chicken stuffed with the freshest seasonal ingredients

Elote Style Succotash with Egg Noodles - Sit Down Meal or Buffet

Vegetarian option – Elote seasoned sauté with brown butter noodles



Italian stuffed Shell

Bite size fried shell stuffed w/ Italian meats & cheese topped w/ hoagie fixin’s

Crab Imperial Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Crab Imperial Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Stuffed Meatballs

Mozzarella stuffed meatballs topped with slow roasted tomatoes

Risotto Balls

Fried, crispy, rich creamy risotto prepared to your liking

Thanksgiving Dinner Shooter

Shredded turkey layered with your thanksgiving favorites

Tea Smoked Shrimp Skewer

With lemon honey glaze



Brown Butter Broccoli

Tender broccoli bathed in brown butter and our signature seasoning

Maple Miso Glazed Carrots

Maple miso glazed carrots

Candied Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Candied bacon wrapped green beans

Signature Roasted Potato Blend

Brown sugar crusted sweet potatoes & herd tossed red bliss

Seasonal Risotto

Seasonal risotto

Fried Rice

From oriental to spanish and every style in between

Home & Private Affair Catering

Do you want to provide the best service to your guest at your Home & Private Affair Catering event?

Catering style can improve the experience for your guests. Usually, hosts prefer buffet style or butler passing from table to table style for this type of event. You can choose between these two, or you can go for the station, plated, self-served buffets or family-style. Based on your opinion, the timing and the theme of your party, we will present the best catering style!

A perfect event with the perfect catering is important to make the memory of your Home & Private Affair Catering remarkable and unforgettable! Without any gaps, we provide you the best service you that you will find for your Home & Private Affair Catering! So, without any delay, consult us soon so that our team can start planning the most significant catering for your perfect Home & Private Affair Catering.