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Devour Catering & Event Design Chef drizzling sauce on dish
Devour Catering & Event Design Chef sprinkling flavor
Devour Catering & Event Design Owner Ron D at a recent event

A Little Bit About Devour Catering & Event Design

Welcome to the home of Devour Catering & Event Design. Devour Catering is your one-stop shop for everything you need for your event. Our team is servicing our surrounding area of Berks county, Allentown/Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Delaware, and New Jersey.
Our catering team of hospitality engineers will tailor every event to your personal needs. We will be as casual or elegant as you need. We will always put you as the customer first and create moments you will remember for a lifetime.
We are here to serve an intimate two-person date night at home to a one thousand person gala. The bartenders at Devour Catering & Event Design are Ramp Certified and will mix your perfect drink. Our highly-skilled, thoroughly trained, certified servers will tend to your every need.

More About Devour

Let Us Design and Cater Your Dream Event

Our lives are full of events. We arrange, attend, and enjoy various types of occasions every now and then. What makes an event perfect? Is it only the venue? Nope, catering also plays an essential role in this regard. None can deny the fact that they always put catering at the top of their priority list.                                                                 Catering service doesn’t only mean serving meals for the guests. It is the combination of meal service, presentation, and proper hospitality for guests of all ages. It is a completed art combined with various pieces of art. From birthday to wedding, corporate to private, large or small, no matter what type of event it is, catering is a must-have! Are you looking for the perfect catering service for your next event?

Then, welcome to Devour Catering & Event Design! We specialize in catering and event design that can help you manage the catering for your dream event professionally. We have experts to create a menu for your event, design the presentation according to your event and menu. Not to mention hospitality, our specialized team is passionate, very approachable, and can read your guests’ demands, which makes the hospitality side more appealing than ever!

To make your next event a success, we are here for you! We serve Southeastern Pennsylvania, including but not limited to Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Philadelphia Counties. Let’s imagine and plan the event of your dreams together, which your guests will remember for a long time!

Everything starts with a conversation

Devour Catering & Event Design Primary Services

berks county caterer wedding reception

Wedding Reception

It is one of the biggest days of your life. Let the Devour team help you plan and take your stress away. We can help you find other vendors and make sure that your event is flawless. Full service or drop off available.
Devour Catering & Event Design kosher station

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Beginning your child’s adulthood is a celebrated moment. We can provide outstanding Kosher cuisine, ample entertainment, interactive food stations, and fun-filled games.
berks county caterer quinceanera food buffet

Birthdays & Quinceañera

Let’s plan the perfect indoor or outdoor event for your son or daughter’s birthday. Fill your party with fun from beginning to end with a DJ and games or Photobooth options. The options are endless.
Devour Catering & Event Design Wine Glass on candle lit table

Private Affair

Turn your home into a 5-star event. From casual to white-gloved service . we can turn your space into an event to remember. Passed apps and interactive stations to a sit down served meal.
berks county caterer business luncheon

Corporate & Luncheons

Let’s plan your perfect corporate event. Whether in your office or at a venue, we can stay professional and classy or let loose and create memories to talk about on Monday.
art home 011 768x768 1

Other Services

Are you networking? Is it a meeting ? Or are we just looking for a reason to party. Let’s pass some apps and put together some interactive stations.

First Class Menu

Our Executive Chef has constructed a balanced and widely diverse selection for you to choose a fantastic menu. With flavors influenced by cultures worldwide, we will make any of your catering dreams come true.

Whether it’s French, Asian, Italian, German, Americana, or a fusion. Devour Catering & Event Design has the knowledge and experience to bring those flavors to life. If you want to have a decade-themed event, we can create food from the 1800s to the 2000s. If you have a particular dish in mind, we will recreate it. If you’re trying to think outside the box, we will use your vision for the event and create options that would be fitting.

If you are planning a sporting event or need a concession stand, we have experience in both. We can do any style of food for your event. We can also process cash or credit card transactions in any atmosphere.

Feel free to put your flare on any of our selections. Remember we are planning YOUR party and we will carry it out the way you want it. Mix and match any of our serving styles. We use mostly all locally grown and clean farm-fresh products.
We take your events and special moments exceptionally seriously, and we will take the time to sit down with you and your family in as many face-to-face meetings as it will take to plan out your menu and event. We already have the first ingredient, which is love in abundance. Now let’s add your ingredients and ideas.

Our professional team will help you choose the perfect menu & foods, from appetizers to dessert, for your next event. We will listen, learn, and take notes about you and your guests’ tastes and every single expectation that you have for the event. The culinary team will then craft a more custom menu to your liking to exceed your expectations. We collect the best products from dependable local suppliers with our uncompromising preferences for healthy and fresh food.

Everything that comes from our kitchen is certified organic and supports our local communities! We also monitor the hygiene factors to prevent food safety problems. We ensure the highest quality and freshest ingredients sourced from local market vendors for our food and create a fantastic event with our highly trained service staff.


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Party with Devour Catering & Event Design


Food Presented & Served With Style

You can have the best food in the world but it won’t impress if it is not stylized and properly presented. Perhaps you’re looking for vintage formal china plates for your entree. Maybe antique bowls, retro platters and serving pieces on reclaimed barn wood clad buffet tables is more your style. Or, do you desire a more clean and contemporary look with white food vessels on chic table top riser platforms accented with pin spot lighting. Whatever your taste, we will present your menu with the wow factor your guests won’t soon forget.

You have the perfect menu and dishes prepared for your event. You can have the best food in the world, but it is not impressive unless it is stylized and presented properly. How will you present the food in front of your guests? Just place the dishes on a table in front of them? No, you surely cannot do that. Usually, what comes to mind when we think about catering design is a buffet station with buffet equipment filled with the alluring dishes from the menu. But that’s not everything about the catering style. There are various kinds of catering designs to choose from depending on the event you are going to arrange, the event’s theme, and last but not the list, the dishes.

Devour Catering & Event Design has numerous service styles to choose from. Our design team will provide the perfect catering style for your event with their professional expertise. But if you want to have a customized fashion to match your event, our design will hear from you, consider the menu, and develop a personalized service style. 

Do you prefer a classic style as butler served, or do you want them to choose what they want by selecting a self-serve buffet? You could select a plated service where guests’ meals are delivered to the table. Tables can be preset with china plates, stainless flatware, and linen napkins? There are many serving styles that you can choose from! Whatever your desired style is, we can accommodate you. The presentation, service style, and design are unique to keep our catering style different from others. Whatever your taste, we will present your menu with the wow factor your guests won’t soon forget.


Professional & Smiling Staff

We are a passionate team of event professionals at Devour Catering & Event Design. Through creative cuisine, innovative design, expert execution, and entertaining guest engagement, we deliver the ultimate in hospitality to every event. Let’s imagine and plan the event of your dreams together and let you be a guest at your own over the top affair to remember. We serve Southeastern Pennsylvania, including but not limited to Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Philadelphia Counties.

At Devour Catering & Event Design, we provide the best quality food and presentation that leave quite an impression; however, it’s our employees who make it possible. From companies to occasions like family reunions and baby showers, no event is too big or too small for our team to handle. We examine and handpick our employees and train them to turn them into experts in their field. They are highly empowered to take care of your guests, their requests, and respond to their demands and processed immediately.

They are well informed about “Hospitality” and know how vital their hospitality is to make the whole event impressive and remarkable. That being explained, our team knows what impact staffs have to provide a successful catering service to an event; with this in mind, we choose to hire only the most responsible and professional industry personnel. We are dedicated to creating more loyalty and more opportunities for our clients.

Experienced staff can turn any event into a successful one by applying their experience in the field. The catering service staff needs to be dedicated to their work, have the ability to read & communicate with their consumers, coworkers, or managers. Catering services must have dedicated, experienced, open-minded to new ideas. The staff who serves the guests at the event spot especially needs to have extra professionalism to deal with guests of various ages. Call Devour Catering & Event Design today and start planning your dream event.